A completely new approach to ensure your customers can always buy the items they love

Online retailers require a new approach to bot prevention that delivers complete, adaptable, and business-savvy solutions. With the right solution, retailers can reverse the black-and-white, good-and-bad thinking around bots, in order to maintain real users’ purchasing experience, preserve brand reputation, and prevent losses due to bot-buying armies overwhelming online shopping.

Take back control through completely customizable bot settings

The ability to filter bot buying activity, whether by time, situation or product, enables retailers to overcome pain points and do business smarter by allowing bots to work for them. For instance, if a retailer needs to sell excess inventory that “real users” haven’t purchased, they can allow bots to buy a certain amount of a particular item, thus fulfilling all business needs.

Secure your business against its biggest threats

Immue’s powerful anti-bot and anti-fraud holistic defense solution is a powerful solution when used in conjunction with Immue’s Smart Checkout Controller.

Over half the traffic on the internet to commercial websites are ‘bad bots’ intent on fraud and the retail sector is particularly vulnerable.With Immue’s 98% bot-detection success rate (compared to the industry average of 59%), retailers can be sure that they have complete protection against all known and previously unknown threats.