29 SEPTEMBER, 2022

Immue Launches Smart Checkout Controller Solution Giving Retailers Authority Over the Bots That Buy Their Inventory

The powerful tool will see e-commerce companies gain the ability to more effectively block bad bots, while allowing select bots through security borders on retailers’ terms to increase revenue

Immue, the cybersecurity company who’s single-platform anti-bot and anti-fraud solution eliminates bad bot-driven vulnerabilities and hassles, today announced the launch of their Smart Checkout Controller offering. The Smart Checkout Controller enables e-commerce companies to ensure fair purchase while ensuring control over secondary markets and boosting revenue. Bots can wreak havoc for retailers and bring benefits, particularly during sale periods, but Immue’s latest offering gives businesses the ability to choose how and when customers and bots will buy their products.

Bots make up 40% of web traffic and led to 77% of companies losing out on revenue last year, undermining the work of marketing departments. Last Christmas, bots sabotaged seasonal sales leading consumers to miss out on purchases and turn to secondary markets to buy the same items priced higher in resales, an occurrence that happens all year round. Such incidents undermine confidence in retailers, damaging their brands and impacting their revenue in the medium to long term, many times irreparably. The solutions available to counter the issue are often imperfect, with the average solution only able to detect 59% of freshly caught bots, and providing no options to leverage bots to buy out unwanted or excess stock.

Immue’s Smart Checkout Controller solution represents the most effective on the market in terms of blocking bad bots and is the first and only fully customizable offering. While the average anti-bot solution typically blocks less than half of bad bots, Immue is able to block bots, including the most advanced, with a 98% success rate. The solution’s flexible customization can allow selected bots through security borders to ensure stock is bought out at the exact time and in the exact amount desired.

In addition to releasing their own solution, Immue supports establishing an industry standard certification process whereby retailers’ sites are tested and certified as bot free. Establishing such a certification process serves to strengthen the connection between retailers and their customers by proving a transparent, fair purchasing process. For customers, the certification will allow them to trust the retailer, while avoiding a frustrating purchasing experience and needing to turn to secondary markets with inflated prices.

“The Smart Checkout Controller solution is a game-changes that offers retailers the enormous value of authority over their products and online domain.” Says Shira Itzhaki, CEO and Co-Founder of Immue. “Online retailers are often at the mercy of difficult-to-trace bots. Regaining leverage over sales online is a huge leap forward and essential to preventing losses while increasing revenue and boosting customer loyalty.”

About Immue:

Immue is an Israel-based cybersecurity company providing holistic anti-bot and anti-fraud defense solutions to retailers. Immue’s single-platform solution leverages the broadest attacker intelligence and unique multi later browser analytics to eliminate website vulnerabilities, and protect against unseen threats. With an insider’s understanding of bot treahs, Immne has the highest bot-detection rate in the market, detecting and stoping the most sophisticated bots and fraudsters. Bringing a novel approach to bot and fraud mitigation, Immue helps organizations around the world and across industries stop human fraudsters in their tracks, as well as the bots that no one else even knows are there.

To learn more about Immue, visit: immue.net