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How bots evade the most common AI & ML-driven web protections

While AI and ML sound impressive, fraudsters and their bots are not impressed. What’s worse, they’re even evading these detection methods very easily, every day...


How to trap bots in your own honeypot

A honeypot is great for diverting malicious bots away from your website. It not only serves as an excellent decoy for these bad actors, but it can also be used to detect, gather intelligence on, and study their identity and hacking methods — so you can be better positioned to stop them from doing damage.


Why the battle against digital payment fraud demands unified anti-bot and anti-fraud protection

Websites are under attack, with the rate of digital payment fraud higher than ever at over 200,000 cyberattacks every month around the world. And the damages are also getting higher all the time, with losses expected to exceed $25 billion in 2024.