A new approach for the most complete defense

Robust website defense requires a new approach that delivers more complete protection – by covering bots and human fraudsters and by handling both today’s threats as well as those that no one knows exist.

Modern defense should also go beyond AI and machine learning for detecting anomalous behavior, by being able to uncover the full scope of threats, including what tools fraudsters are using, which attack vectors they are exploiting, and exactly what they are doing at every layer of the attack - when communicating with the browser, spoofing browser parameters, assuming user identities, and more.

Forecast the attacker's methods

Moreover, it should also go beyond analyzing deviations from pre-defined static data and be able to pick up on threats based on dynamic run-time data.

It is only through this powerful combination of capabilities that the root cause of bot and human fraudster attacks can be uncovered.

And this is exactly what Immue is all about.


Other Solutions

  • Only bots or human fraudsters
  • Detecting known bots only
  • Static analysis
  • Behavioral anomaly detection
  • Analyzing a single layer of the attack
  • Handling symptoms only

Immue Offering

  • Bots and human fraudsters
  • Detecting known bots & those no one knows exist
  • Dynamic runtime analysis
  • Behavior, tools, vectors detection
  • Analyzing every layer of the attack
  • Uncovering the root cause of the attack

Secure your website against
its biggest threats

Immue has access to and continually investigates and compiles insights about the broadest
spectrum of the newest bot and fraudster methodologies, strategies, tactics, and tools.
This way, you can detect, stop, and prevent the most dangerous threats to your online real estate.


Bot Attacks

  • Account takeover
  • Fake account creation
  • Credential stuffing
  • Web scraping
  • Carding
  • Card cracking
  • Denial of inventory
  • Scalping
  • Business logic attacks

Human Fraud

  • Real-time order decisions
  • Combat payment failures
  • Account takeover
  • New account fraud
  • Digital payment fraud
  • Coupon abuse
  • Promo abuse
  • E-gift card fraud
  • BOPIS fraud

Tackle major protection hurdles


Eliminate website

That leave you exposed to
sophisticated fraud and bots


Be ready for

By bots and techniques no
one knows exist


Stop sophisticated
fraud attempts

Before transactions are completed


revenue loss

Due to fraudulent web activities